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WARES: Reconfigurable casino and lottery vice equipment, namely gaming machines and operational estimator spunky software; figurer software and firmware for games of chance on any computerized platform, including expansion slot machines, and video lottery terminals; Downloadable software and computer programs for action casino games, slot games, mobile games, game of chance games, online wagering games and online electronic games; Downloadable natural philosophy game programs and software. All communicating relating to Trade-marks should be self-addressed to the Registrar of Trade-marks, 50 Victoria street, Gatineau, Canada, K1A 0C9. Used in CANADA since at least as earliest as oct 02, 2010 on wares and on services.1,517,764. Pitney Bowes Inc., (Delaware Corporation), One Elmcroft Road, Stamford, u.s. 06926-0700, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA democratic for Service: LOW MURCHISON RADNOFF LLP, 1565 Carling Avenue, Suite 400, Ottawa, ONTARIO, K1Z8R1SERVICES: (1) Providing an internet website portal in the cosmos of providing links to websites of others featuring business enterprise and marketing, namely, direct commerce campaigns and data compilation directed thereto through desktop computers; providing an internet website portal featuring online shipping aggregation linkage for ensuring accuracy, namely, computerized pursuit and tracing of packages in transit. 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L., SCOTIA PLAZA, 40 queen chance WEST, 40th FLOOR, TORONTO, ONTARIO, M5H3Y21,679,503. Calvin Klein earmark Trust, c/o Wilmington trustingness Company, Trustee, Rodney Square North, 1100 northmost Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19890, UNITED STATES OF land Representative for Service: BERESKIN & PARR LLP/S. SERVICES: Entertainment services, namely providing online electronic games; Entertainment services, namely, providing temporary use of non-downloadable electronic games. WARES: Reconfigurable casino and lottery gaming equipment, namely play machines and operational computer game software; Computer software and firmware for games of chance on any computerized platform, including slot machines, and video lottery terminals; Downloadable software and computer programs for playing casino games, slot machine games, mobile games, game of chance games, online wagering games and online electronic games; Downloadable electronic game programs and software. The merchandise and/or services appearing first subordinate the Trade-mark are in the language filed by the applicant. (2) Providing an internet website portal in the nature of providing links to websites of others featuring the management of financial transactions, namely, controlling, clearing and reconciling financial dealing via a global figurer network; providing an internet website portal in the cause of providing links to websites of others featuring postage printing, namely, for delivery and shipping of mail; providing online shipping information for ensuring accuracy; providing an internet website portal in the nature of providing links to websites of others for writing item for use in postal, freight and courier services. Johnson & Johnson, One Johnson & Johnson Plaza, New Brunswick, N. 08933-7001, UNITED STATES OF ground Representative for Service: GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON LLP, SUITE 2600, 160 ELGIN STREET, OTTAWA, ONTARIO, K1P1C3WARES: Human pharmaceuticals for the prevention and treatment of auto-immune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, gastro-intestinal diseases, oncologic diseases, ophthalmic diseases, and metastasis diseases; pharmaceutical preparations for the bar or treatment of metabolic diseases and disorders, namely diabetes, gout, arthritis and anemia; pharmaceutical preparations for the prevention or idiom of neurological diseases, that is to say Alzheimer's, Huntington's disease, and cerebral palsy; pharmaceutical preparations for the prevention or treatment of psychiatric diseases, namely, condition disorders, anxiety disorders, cognitive disorders, and schizophrenia; pharmaceutical preparations for use in dermatology, namely dermatitis, pelt pigmentation diseases, psoriasis; anti-viral medications; anti-inflammatory medications; anti-pain medications; and anti-infective medications. Made known in CANADA since at least as early as March 14, 2006 on wares and on services. (2) ad services, namely, advertising the goods and services of others through placement of advertisements on ball-shaped computer communication system browsing software; promotional services, namely, promoting the sale of the trade goods and services of others through arrangement of subject matter displays on global computer network browsing software; promoting the goods and religious ritual of others by way of on-line sweepstakes programs; promoting the selling of goods and services of others through the online distribution of promotional contests via a global computer network; promotion establishment service for others, namely, creating, promoting and administering sweepstakes and contests; contestant notification service for sweepstakes and contests; issuing giving certificates and coupons which may be redeemed or used for goods or services, specified certificates and coupons having been awarded or earned as part of a search engine sweepstakes and for searches, purchases, referral of friends, and other activities; user loyalty services for commercial, promotional and advertising purposes, namely, administration of a frequent user program that allows members to redeem points or awards for goods and services. SERVICES: recreation services, namely providing online physics games; diversion services, namely, providing temporary use of non-downloadable electronic games.
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Trade-Marks Journal Vol.62 Num.3143

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SMRT-CORE is self-myofascial release therapy and centre strengthening work efficiently joint in the same travail using a revolutionary foam roller, The Trigger Point GRID. Presented as an educational DVD collection, the program is easy to follow, caters to different fittingness levels and is premeditated for in-home use. afterward you have down the foundational movements in [More] Set Includes: Single Pocket Holster & 8oz Clear Pump Bottle; Adjustable Waist Strap; High Quality, long-wearing Material; The indispensable for Any Therapy Practice; Made in the USA goods Features Massage pose Holster Set standardized angry 30″ Standard care for Table Carrying Case.
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