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Illustrator/Penciller saint george Prez is one of those individuals whose name may or may not sound familiar at first but whose work has larboard an impregnable footprint in most of our minds. Los Caballeros de Santiago, Vols 1-7, Don Jose Perez Balsura (Spain). Catalogos de Consultas del Consejo de Aragon, Eugenic Sarrablo Aguareles (Spain). With members of his team in danger Rodrguez-Chvez drove his gun truck into the kill-zone. His contribution to comics and art illustration is nothing short of remarkable for a kid born in the Bronx back in 1954 to Puerto Rican parents. Caballeros de la Orden de Santiago, Vols 1-4, Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent. He did this amidst heavy gun fire figure times to provide cover for the withdrawal of forces and evacuate two dozen members of the Afghan National instrument Forces. For those of us that feature ever picked up a comic book back in the 70s, 80s and 90s have about likely come across Prezs work. Soon enough, Fabayo, who had heroically been pushing guardant into the kill zone on foot, met up with Rodrguez-Chvez and the both of them entered the kill-zone.
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